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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Steward Dissident Speaks Out!

An excerpt of a State of the Union Address to the District Council Hearings Committee submitted and recited at the Hearings on Thursday By a Dissident Steward. Reprinted in part with permission of the author. The Steward Ad-Hoc Committee endorses this statement as an Outline for Success!

VIII - Stewards

A) As we are all aware, half of the defendants named in this recent indictment were Union Stewards. Many in attendance today may be tempted to believe that in this case Stewards are the problem. As an honest hardworking Steward myself, I stand here to refute such notions. We are, and remain, the first line of defense against job site abuse and corruption. We are honored for the opportunity to serve our great Union and most of us do so with integrity and courage in spite of the crisis of credibility we currently face. To do our jobs more efficiently we will need the following:

1) Stewards must be supplied with complete copies of the various contracts that govern our work sites. We can not be expected to safeguard a contract that we have only viewed in passing.

2) Stewards should be allowed to create a Steward Organization within which they can network and which can also fill the need to create workshops created and conducted by Stewards as needed. Some areas that can be covered are:

a. Employer/employee conflict mediation and resolution.
b. Grievance procedures and processes.
c. Unionism and Union History as it applies to Carpenters.
d. Contract updates, applications, and implementation.
e. Information and resource networking sessions.

IX - Filter All Union Activities

A) The Union must be monitored by way of the NYC District Attorney‘s Office, the Federal Government, the UBC International and/or all of the above, for a sufficient predetermined period of time.

The corruption that has been uncovered within our Brotherhood may seem to some as the final damnation of our beloved Union. However, where many see doom still others see opportunity and positive change. We understand the complexity and the scope of the task at hand. We also recognize that we must, for the sake of our existence as a Union, be patient, but we also need to move with due diligence. We recognize that Unions were created from the bottom up, but unfortunately in NYC they have become top heavy. We ask that while the UBC International does its pruning, it ought not take lightly, belittle, or out right dismiss, the many men and women with integrity within our midst. The rank and file, which have been the actual victims of the corruption that we are here to address today, should be consulted before the ratification of any decision reached by the UBC International. We the Rank and File implore you to do us Just. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address this Committee in the presence of our membership.


Lxxxx Sxxxxxxx,

Steward Carpenter
Cc: District Council Hearing Committee
Personal File

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