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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Security Cleareances - S.W.A.C. & T.W.I.C.

Wondering why you haven't been referred by the Out of Work List to such high profile, labor intensive, job sites like The Freedom Tower or The United Nations? We hear its all about SECURITY. The Steward Ad-Hoc Committee has just received word from "sources in the field" that without these Security Clearances you will not even be considered for these security sensitive jobs. It seems however, that such important information regarding these clearances has somehow failed to make it to the ears of the average Rank and File member.

We here at The SU are of the school of thought that all members should have a fair opportunity for referral to such high profile jobs. Therefore to insure such fairness we believe it would be in the best interest of the general membership that we share this information with you, the Rank and File. For those of you who would care to apply, below are the links to the Information and the Online Applications for these security clearances, courtesy of your friendly job site Stewards.

Spread the word there's work to be done! And don't forget to keep the information coming. The SU will continue to post what relevant information we receive as it comes in.

The Steward Ad-Hoc Committee
"Somebody call security!"

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