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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Right to Representation: The Weingarten Ruling

Ask yourself this: "Why did I join a Union?" There are many answers to this question. You may have joined for the benefits, such as health care, annuity plan, pension plan, vacation pay, higher wages, etc. Rarely do you hear a Union Member say he joined so that he has Union Representation. Few know or understand the benefits that come with over a hundred years of experience in negotiations with employers.

Question: Have you ever been pulled to the side (or office), when something has come up missing (tools, materials, etc.) or after an elevation was installed incorrectly, and asked a series of questions by your foreman or supervisor that you fear may lead to someone's dismissal, or even yours? Did you ever wonder what rights you may or may not have in such a situation? Well wonder no longer, thanks to one of our intrepid Stewards who researched the issue. The Weingarten Ruling is a little known case that is touched on briefly (unfortunately) during Shop Steward Training. Few Stewards grasp its implications on the jobsite or how they can use it for the benefit of the Rank and File. We here at the Steward Ad-Hoc Committee believe that a well trained, well informed Steward is one that benefits the membership and therefore the Union as a whole. We suggest that for your benefit you see to it that you familiarize yourselves with the following information.

(Click on printable image to enlarge)

For a more extensive version of the above document click on the PDF link below:

Or peruse the actual case yourselves by clicking on the following link:

Brothers and Sisters avail yourselves of the information, remember knowledge is power. Share this information with your co-workers. These are your rights! Do not allow yourselves to be denied.

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