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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

R.O. Addresses You, The Rank & File

Take heed brothers and Sisters, change is acoming! And its on you to make it happen! Below is an excerpt from "A Message" posted on Local 157 Blog Spot, addressed directly toward you, the rank & file from the newly appointed Review Officer. For the full article click on the corresponding link above. To Mr. Walsh: Thank you for showing the Rank & File the respect of addressing them directly. The Steward Ad-Hoc Committee wishes to express its approval. We hope that maybe soon you and your staff might address the membership in person.

A Message from Review Officer Dennis Walsh

"Decades of corruption, court orders and monitoring involving the District Council pose an essential question to its members: when will it end?

I think you know the answer: it will end when the members make it end. All of you, the strong, proud and honest members of the United Brotherhood here in New York have the power to take action and to right this great vessel. With the wind of change at your back and the courage of your convictions -- you can chart a course for the future and steer the District Council to a better place. I want to help you do this. Let’s go where the future is as bright as your dreams" (Dennis Walsh, Review Officer).

Contact Info:

Dennis Walsh: 914-437-9058 dwfitzwalsh@optonline.net dmwfw@verizon.net

Mark Fitzmaurice: 914-437-9057 mfitzwalsh@optonline.net

Jack Mitchell: 212-885-8397 jnmitchell@bdo.com

The Review Officer’s Toll-Free Hotline: 1-877-395-7497

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