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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eugene Clarke Rips Forde In Court!

In a heartening statement, esteemed Brother Eugene Clarke stood in front of the Court and ripped Forde for all to see and hear on behalf of the Rank and File who were victimized under the Forde regime. We commend Brother Clarke for his courage and integrity. We recognize that there are few men of his caliber in our Union. Today Brother Clarke, you have earned this Committee's deepest respect.

The Court, after sentencing Forde to 11 years, granted him a reprieve until early January 2011. This will be Forde's last holiday season with his family. We take solace in the fact that Forde's future Christmases will be spent behind bars. He will have plenty of time to contemplate his dastardly deeds while watching his family go on without him.

Money can not buy back time Mr. Forde. If and when you come home, the world will be a different place and you will be a discarded relic of its past. You made your "cot", now sleep in it!

 Enjoy your new digs.

The Steward Ad-Hoc Committee


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