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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Changing Of The Guard
The Changing Of The Rule

A Vote for Full Mobility Will Not Stand!

The Steward Ad-Hoc Committee's
Answer To Full Mobility?
Wut Da Duce???

The argument is that companies will be driven out of New York City (NYC) if we continue to enforce the 50/50 Rule or the 67/33 Rule. To this we say "Poppy Cock!". There will always be those that build in NYC. Even in the worst of economies there is plenty of work out there albeit non-union. Surely the companies are not blaming this fact solely on the 50/50 Rule. The fact is that if one company crumbles, two more will arise from its ashes. Its the nature of the beast we call the Construction Industry. Do you really believe that companies will not build in NYC? This is the Labor Monster we know of as New York! Not going to happen Brothers and Sisters, simply not going to happen. People will continue to build here, they always have and they always will.

We urge those naysayers (Delegates & Representatives) within our Union who cry poverty on behalf of the Contractors while being charged with protecting the Rank and File's interest to negotiate our contracts with those who Full Mobility affects in mind, namely the folks on the OWL. The Rank and File are not as docile and un-informed as you think. Do not do us justice and suffer our wrath you will! Seek refuge with the contractors you've enriched. The members will have no use for you! Give-backs are not in vogue here in NYC. We will not stand for it! There will be NO QUARTER!  We will demand and receive a CHANGING OF THE GUARD!

Full Mobility / Kills Fully

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